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ASAP Digital PrintingState of the Art Digital Printing Services

Attention: General Contractors, Drafters, Architects, and General Public!
Welcome to Havasu's first technology up grade to plan printing!

Come join us in the new technology in saving money and time!!!

Your clients can e-mail your plans to ASAP and we can print them for you without you even being here. ASAP can also e-mail a set of plans to your clients. NO MORE FedEx OR OVERNIGHTING!

Do you have standard plans or have a big job, and every time you need another set of plans they have to be rescanned in? Not here. Let us save them to CD or keep them on file for you and now they are just a phone call away. Call ASAP and they will be done in minutes!

Need your plans or site plan reduced? Let us reduce or enlarge it to any size you need!

Bring in a set of plans for a FREE demo!

Say goodbye to expensive vellums and mylars!

Send digital data to ASAP and we'll have your plan sets in minutes.

Say goodbye to blue lines that are too dark, too light and fade.

  • Digitally printed black lines are always crystal clear and never fade!
  • Now you can get the ultimate in high quality printing of your construction plans and documents!
  • We can print from your digital data - fastest & lowest cost - no vellums required
  • Carry in or email your HPGL2 (.PLT) files.
  • We can print from your scanned original documents - vellums, blue lines, etc. We scan once and can print unlimited sets.
  • Our digital printing system prints 6 sheets per minute saving your valuable time.
  • Once we have your digital data or scan the originals one time we can save the plans on disc or CD. You never have to bring vellum or originals in again! All you have to do is call for more copies for your job number.
  • Plus, you can get a copy of your plans on CD so you or your clients can view from your own computer! Or, we can email files directly to your clients.

Call (928) 854-8999 for more information, or stop by 911 N. Lake Havasu Ave #103 to see our state of the art equipment